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Frequently Asked Questions

As entrepreneurs, we understand that you need enough working capital to fund the many aspects of your business. Our value is in providing the capital you need today to maintain and grow your business for tomorrow and beyond.
The approval requirements for our lending programs are significantly lower compared to secured bank loans, so our funding programs are the fastest and easiest way to obtain the money you need.

The application process is straightforward and should take approximately 5 minutes. You can submit an application through our website to guide you through the process. Once we receive your full application and supporting documents, you will receive an offer within 24-48 hours.

It is your money for your business, so you can use it however you see fit. Many of our clients use funding to expand, cover payroll, renovate, manage inventory, purchase equipment, and a variety of other business expenses. You are the expert in maintaining and growing your company, and we are the experts in getting you the money you need to do so. It’s a win-win situation.

No, Go Deluxe Financial is a business lending firm. We are the flagship of several affiliated companies providing lending solutions for small business owners and developers.

This is our #1 frequently asked question and the answer is YES! If you have poor personal credit, or even have filed previously for bankruptcy, we can still provide you with working capital. The qualifications are 1) you have been in business for at least six months and 2) your business generates sales in excess of $8,500 per month. In over 90% of cases, if you meet these two requirements, we can provide you with funding!

Usually within 48 hours after a contract is executed and received. The timeframe may vary slightly depending on the lending solution.

We work with over 500 different industry groups in a variety of sectors, such as food service, health care, automotive, textiles, manufacturing, construction, transportation, real estate, e-Commerce, technology, and retail.

We require copies of the following: bank statements, driver’s license, lease agreement (if applicable), and a voided check from your business bank account.

We do everything within our power to make the funding process simple, fast, and hassle-free, but we need your cooperation, too! The best way to avoid delays and receive your funding as quickly as possible is to provide all requested documentation to us in a timely manner.

No, we do not offer credit repair services. This is no longer a service line that we provide.